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Partnership Protection Insurance

Is your business covered?

The majority business owners won’t operate without some form of business insurance in place.  However it is all too often the case, business owners purchase the most common policies, without considering all the risks.

Many insurance policies today to cover most risks/exposures, some will be more relevant to your business than others.  Ensuring you are adequately protected, is to be aware of the most prevalent risks to your business and seek out the insurance policies that will be most effective in covering these risks.

Partnership Protection Insurance is one of the lesser-known insurance policies available, however it can be one of the best policies to protect SME businesses.

What is Partnership Protection Insurance?

Does your business rely on one or more partners to operate? Partnership Protection Insurance can ensure that the business continues to run, should the worst happen.

Partnership Protection Insurance delivers financial protection in the event that one of the business partners suffers a serious illness, becomes totally and permanently disabled or dies.

The Partnership Protection Insurance provides the financial means for other partner(s) to buy the share of the business from either the person who has inherited it, in the case of death, or from the original partner if they suffer a serious illness or become disabled.

Why is Partnership Protection Insurance So Important?

The possibility of illness, disablement or death affecting youself, or one of your partners isn't something we like to think about.  However, we don't know what is round the corner, and it’s vital to ensure you have planned ahead.   Partnership Protection Insurance, ensures your business will continue to run should the worst happen, so that you can keep producing income that will assist the families of all partners.

Partnership Protection Insurance may or may not be relevant, but it may be a consideration for your business.  Consider the following questions, to see if it is something that you should look in to further:

  1. Would your business survive if one of the partners in your business became disabled, ill or passed away?
  2. Who would inherit each business partner’s shares, if they were to pass away?  Would all other partners be comfortable working with this person?
  3. Would you be able to afford to pay out a partner’s share if something were to happen to them?

Before purchasing any insurance policy, it’s important to consider the role it will play in reducing your business risk.  If you have key partners in your business, Partnership Protection Insurance may be relevant for you.

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Conditions apply for each policy and the information expected from you for a policy to trigger. Coverage may differ based on specific clauses in individual policies. Please ask your broker to explain the additional benefits and exclusions pertaining to your policy.

The information provided is general advice only and does not take account of your personal circumstances or needs. Please refer to our financial services guide which contains details of our services and how we are remunerated.