The My Reporting APP STANDARD TERMITE DETECTION REPORT has been updated to reflect the changes to the Australian Standard 3660.2:2017. This update currently only applies to iOS.

  • Inclusion of inspection time
  • Updated reference: This Report references the current versions of the Australian Standard series AS 3660 Termite Management including AS 3660.1, AS 3660.2 and AS 3660.3.
  • Updated definition: The definition ‘Tests’ also includes the carrying out of Additional Tests, if recommended by the consultant.
  • Inclusion of definition : “Additional Tests” Where areas of high moisture are detected during inspection that cannot be readily explained, or where termite activity is suspected but cannot be readily located, a further inspection of those areas was carried out using one or more of the following non-destructive specialist detection tools:
    • termite radar unit – an instrument that uses microwave emission to help pick up the concealed movement of termites;
    • thermal imaging camera – an instrument to aid in the detection of concealed termite activity by measuring differentials in the heat energy of an object; and
    • termite detector animal – an animal such as a sniffer dog trained to use its sense of smell to detect the odour of termites.
  • Inclusion of: Note. A Termite Management Plan may also be prepared in conjunction with a Proposal.
  • Inclusion of: Additional Tests
    • Additional tests were carried out using a termite radar unit.
    • Additional tests were carried out using a thermal imaging camera.
    • Additional tests were carried out using a termite detector animal.
    • Other (option to enter free text).



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