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Initial review of AS3660.2:2017 - 15th January 2018

On 22nd December 2017, the revised Australian Standard AS 3660.2: 2017 “Termite Management in and around Existing Buildings” was published.

Note. A copy can be purchased from the SAI Global website.

Report Systems Australia (RSA) and Wallace Risk Solutions (WRS) have completed an initial review of AS 3660.2: 2017. 

The following is a summary of that review.

For termite managers compliance with this revised Standard will not necessarily be straight forward. Many termite managers will need to purchase specialist detection tools and there will be a greater emphasis on documentation with the introduction of a Termite Management Plan.


The biggest change is the introduction of ‘Additional Tests’. AS 3660.2: 2017, Clause (e) (v), states that “where areas of high moisture are detected during inspection that cannot be readily explained, or termite activity is suspected, but can’t be readily located, special non-destructive tools such as a termite radar unit and/or thermal imaging camera and/or a termite detector animal should be used”.

To meet the above requirement, RSA will be adjusting its termite inspection paperwork and introducing a definition for “Additional Tests”. There will also be other minor changes to the paperwork to take into consideration the overall inspection requirements of AS 3660.2: 2017. The changes will also be reflected in My Reporting APP.

As some termite managers will need to purchase and be trained in the use of specialist detection tools, the revised RSA inspection paperwork will be phased in. For termite managers that currently use specialist detection tools, there is now a definition available for Additional Tests that can be inserted into the ‘Special Conditions or Instructions’ field of the existing termite paperwork. Please email for further details. For those using My Reporting APP this will be incorporated in the next update.


The introduction of a Termite Management Plan is a major shift in current work practices. The Termite Management Plan will be a new form and its purpose is to inform the client as to the necessary works and actions to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the proposed termite management process and its likely outcomes. 

Importantly, the Termite Management Plan is not a quotation for work and does not take away the need for a Termite Management Proposal & Agreement to be completed and agreed with the client. 

The work of providing documentation for a Termite Management Plan has already begun, but will take time, especially if it is going to be delivered using technology such as an APP. In the meantime, keep using the existing termite paperwork as there is always a transitional period for any changes in work practices.

We will keep you informed with progress.  


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