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Please note this form is only applicable to insureds who have taken out a new policy or renewed their policy prior to 18th October, 2016.

The insurer requires at least 2 full working days notice prior to approving a training/track/circuit days. This means if you have a day booked on a Saturday you need to have your lodgement to us prior to 09:00 Thursday morning. Ensure you take into account that public holidays are not working days.

Excess and other conditions applicable to track days:

  • $2,000 or 20% of the sum insured, whichever is the greater
  • Maximum amount payable is market value
  • No cover unsless confirmed in writing by us to you 
  • Cover is limited to the motorcycle only (no towing, no saftey equipment)

Conditions applying to track day insurance
-No rider under the age of 25
-You must have held a valid Australian full motorcycle licence for 2 years
-Motorcycle must be registered at the time of the track day
-If the motorcycle is not in roadworthy condition at the time of the crash claims will be declined
-No slicks, tyres must be roadworthy
-Not all applications will be successful, each track day and rider are assessed on an individual basis
-Strictly no coverage for racing of any form

By signing this form I declare the above to be correct and true.