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Prestige Motor Insurance

Available to discerning owners of distinct motor vehicle Marques where the vehicle is highly valued or owners of classic vehicles irrespective of value, Wallace Risk Solutions has access provides access to Australia’s most Prestigious Motor Vehicle Insurance policies. We can provide quotes for Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati and many more prestigious brands.

Policy Details

Insured Details

If the 'Insured' needs to be a company name rather than the driver's name.

Vehicle Details

(i.e coupe, 4 door sedan, convertible)


If your vehicle is under finance please note the company here.


Private - If the vehicle is used strictly for social, domestic and pleasure use, and/or driving to and from a usual place of work.


Unit/Street No, Street, Suburb, State and Postcode

Unit/Street No, Street, Suburb, State and Postcode

Regular Drivers

Number of motor accidents, claims (regardless of fault) or thefts within the last 5 years?

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You can upload current policies, certificates and proof on ratings/NCB here.

Duty of Disclosure and General Advice Warning

Your Duty of Disclosure
You must tell us everything you know (or could be reasonably expected to know) that a prudent insurer would want to take into account in deciding:

a) whether to accept your proposal and
b) if so, on what terms.

Examples of what you must tell us include:

a) anything that increases the risk of a claim
b) any criminal offending or convictions
c) any previous insurance claims
d) any refusal by another insurer to insure you on standard terms, or continue to insure you on standard terms.

You must also tell us this every time this policy renews, or when you make any changes to it. If you fail to do this, we may avoid the policy retrospectively. You will have no insurance at all. When in doubt, disclose. We treat all information confidentially.

Change of circumstances - You must tell us of any material changes in your circumstances after the policy starts and during the policy period.

General Advice Warning
Any advice has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs:
Because of that, before acting on the above advice, the you should consider its appropriateness (having regard to your objectives, needs and financial situation);
If the advice related to the acquisition of an insurance contract, you should obtain a PDS relating to the product before deciding whether to acquire it.
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