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Commercial Motor Insurance

General Information


Previous Insurance

Have you or any intended drivers, within the last 5 years, whether a claim was made or not;


Has any insurance company at any time, in respect of you or any other person to be covered under this policy or any person who may benefit from this insurance:

Have you or any intended drivers:

Important Information

Your Duty of Disclosure

You must tell us everything you know (or could be reasonably expected to know) that a prudent insurer would want to take into account in deciding:

a) whether to accept your proposal and
b) if so, on what terms.

Examples of what you must tell us include:

a) anything that increases the risk of a claim
b) any criminal offending or convictions
c) any previous insurance claims
d) any refusal by another insurer to insure you on standard terms, or continue to insure you on standard terms.

You must also tell us this every time this policy renews, or when you make any changes to it. If you fail to do this, we may avoid the policy retrospectively. You will have no insurance at all. When in doubt, disclose. We treat all information confidentially.

Change of circumstances

You must tell us of any material changes in your circumstances after the policy starts and during the policy period.

Financial Services Guide and Privacy Statement.


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